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You will find in the galleries below pictures taken from race events and from  HDCA’s various social events

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The HELLENIC DRAGON CLASS ASSOCIATION (HDCA) was established in 2007 in order to let the existing boat revived and older or new sailors to enjoy
the sailing of the Dragon.

The Class is mainly hosted and supported by the YACHT CLUB OF GREECE, the club with the longest history with the Dragons.

Presently nine (9) boats consist the active fleet of Dragons and four (4) more will follow shortly.

The board of directors is as follows:-

name surname title contact
Antonis Nicolaras President leonelex@otenet.gr
Tasos Vatistas Vice-President nopf_gr@yahoo.gr
Georgios Despotopoulos Secretary galazio@otenet.gr
Ioannis Tahtatzis Treasurer


Mr. Ioannis Kontaxopoulos has been our official measurer of boats and sails.



The first Dragon in Greece was the TRIUMPH, built by the Italian TONORATICO, donated by the Greek Navy to the King Paul.

Later, 26 Borensen Dragons were active, owned by the Royal family, including the then prince of Spain, major shipowners (Goulandris, Niarchos, Goumas,
etc) and a few of yacht clubs.

As a result of the said activity, Greece won the gold medal at the Rome Olympics in 1960 with the prince Constantine, Odysseus Eskintzoglou and
George Zaimis.

This was the first golden medal of Greece at the Olympic sailing races and several others followed.

At the same time a race from Piraeus to Spetsae island, of about 50 miles, was established and was taking place every two years to honor King
Paul. This race was in 1974 passed to the authority of IDA and takes place as the King Paul Trophy.



In Greece there is a large number of athletes who now mainly race for open sea, that raced the dragons and have a good knowledge and experience.

HDCA has now brought the spirit of the Dragon very active and hopefully more boats will increase the fleet.

Several members of the class are ex Olympic winners, national and international champions and others successful juries in several Olympic classes, sail makers representing first class international sail brands .

The Greek Sailing Federation and the major yacht clubs of Greece have saluted and welcome the establishment of HDCA.



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